Difference Between B.Ed And B.Ed Special Education

What Is The Difference Between B.Ed And B.Ed Special Education?

B.Ed is a much popular course for candidates who aspire to pursue a teaching career. B. Ed Special Education is also studied for this purpose. Both of the courses help candidates with a good ability to teach students. Both are undergraduate courses taking 2 years. Teaching is a challenging experience and a challenging career too. So, both of these courses have been designed for would-be teachers so that they can teach in a scientific and logical method. But, there are significant differences between the two courses. So, in this article, we will discuss the differences between B. Ed and B.Ed special education.

B.Ed course and B.Ed special education course have many things in common. The eligibility criteria, basic purpose are almost similar.


What is BEd?
B.ed is an undergraduate course designed for candidates who want to work as teachers. Teaching jobs require this degree. It is a two-year full-time degree course. PURPOSE OF THE COURSE: The b.ed course helps candidates achieve and learn teaching goals. They can learn effective teaching techniques and methods to teach in classrooms. B.d courses enable them to teach a  large number of students from different backgrounds.

B.ED courses are a popular route for prospective primary school teachers.

What is BEd Special Education?
It is also designed for increasing the candidates’ teaching abilities. But, B.ED Special Education is for those who want to increase their teaching abilities while teaching students with special needs.  It is a two-year course divided into 4 semesters. PURPOSE OF THE COURSE:  The purpose of this special course is to make the candidates eligible to teach Students special needs. These students can have Hearing or speech impairment mental disabilities or retardation like ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, and other visual impairment    

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So differently-abled students require special care and unique learning experiences. These teaching methods must be logical and scientifically proven. This course teaches the candidates how to educate the students with special needs effectively. Candidates interested to educate the differently-abled population with the necessary skills and expertise can join this course. again candidates who want to gain some knowledge about the different areas of disabilities that students face. It is a renowned degree program in India.


1st YEAR

  • Basics in Education
  • Schooling,Socialization, & Identity 1
  • Developing Teacher Sensibilities
  • Strengthening Language Proficiency
  • Guidance & Counselling 1
  • Subject Knowledge 1 (specialization in your field)
  • School Management
  • Computer Education
  • Child Psychology

2nd YEAR

  • Methodology of Teaching
  • Guidance & Counselling
  • Co-curricular activities in school and e-education
  • Education for Peace
  • Understanding Teacher Learning Situations
  • Subject Knowledge 2
  • Schooling Socialization & Identity 2
  • Teacher Training Internships & Practicals
  • Environmental Studies

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 The course is divided into four semesters. different subjects are taught during these semesters. Let’s go into the details. These subjects are taught under this course in almost all the institutes.

SEMESTER 1                             

  1. Locomotive and multiple disabilities
  2. Contemporary India and education
  3. Neurodevelopmental disabilities
  4. Human growth and development
  5. Sensory disabilities


  1. Designing, adaptation, and evaluation of Curriculum
  2. Inclusive education
  3. School subjects pedagogy 2 (English, Hindi)
  4. School subjects pedagogy (Mathematics, Science, Social science)


  1. Visual and performing arts
  2. Reading and Reflection on test
  3. Teaching Strategies and methods
  4. Disabilities and Technology
  5. Family issues and psychosocial


  1. Inclusive school creation
  2. Practical
  3. Statistics and research
  4. Skill-based optional course
  5. Skill-based optional course through

In addition to the above Four Papers, each student will have to specialize in one of the following areas. Each is divided into three papers:

(i) Hearing Impaired

(ii) Mental Retardation

(iii) Visually Impaired


  • The use of art and music therapy to teach.
  • Splitting information/data into smaller parts so that the students can remember them easily.
  • Benefits of audiovisual methods
  • Allowing children to experiment and formulate their own activities.
  • Organize the classroom and keep distracting elements away.
  • Formulate a schedule well in advance.
  • Exploring the special abilities of different students
  • The right ways to evaluate the progress
  • Extreme patience
B.ED PASSOUTS CAN FIND JOBS IN Primary School Teacher/ Elementary School TeacherSchool PrincipalEducation ConsultantMilitary TrainerEducation CounsellorContent WriterOnline Tutor  
B.ED SPECIAL EDUCATION PASSOUTS CAN WORK AS ●      News and Media Interpreter ●      Content Writer and Developer ●      Career Counsellor ●      Personal Helpers or Assistant ●      Pre-Primary/Primary Teachers ●      Special Education Teachers  

Therefore, both the courses have something in common. There are necessary differences between the two. B.ED course is a generalized attempt to help teachers teach the students more effectively. Whereas, B.ed special education helps candidates with a more specialized approach and attitude.

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