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What Are The Best Applications For Teachers?


As we are living in a digital world, almost everything we do is available online. You can relate, no? From shopping to teaching- everything is done online. So, since a few years, online teaching has also become too much popular all over the world.  Teachers who always take face-to-face classes, too use the online method when they are unable to reach the classes. For example, we are surviving amidst a global pandemic. This has changed our lives and our lifestyles. Now, it is necessary to conduct classes online. Boards are arranging exams online. So dire is the situation now. So, teachers look for the best online teaching platforms to conduct their classes well. Today, we will talk about the best teaching applications that improve online teaching.

Let’s look at the highly popular applications for online teachers.


Google has solutions to all of our needs, I guess. Google Classroom is a great way for online educators to teach students and keep their progress in check. You can distribute and organize study materials through Google drive.


From office conferences to kindergarten classes, Zoom allows all. The teachers find it a great digital space to communicate with their students. There are options like screen sharing, instant messaging, audio messages, and many more. This lets you add up to 100 people to your video classes. Students can take digital notes from here. To have a noise-free background, you can opt for the noise cancellation feature.

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Calendly is an app that helps teachers to maintain multiple calendars at once. From, android phone or iPhone, a teacher can access this app from both. It is best for those teachers who teach at multiple organizations and different classes. You can choose your time slot and design a teaching program. It is a great student-friendly app. It is a paid app. There are multiple plans for the subscription. For now, Calendly offers a 14-day trial plan.


It is also a presentation-oriented app for teachers. It is good for those teachers who are willing to expose their students to a variety of topics. You can share plenty of knowledge with your students using TED. It allows you to share your favorite talks with everyone. You can prepare unique lectures for your students. There are over 3000 talks available on TED. This is a free app. It provides subtitles in 100 languages. You can save your favorite sessions. You can use the app offline too. You can use a bookmark for future reference.


It is an app best for presentations. There are tools that are easy to use in order to create presentations. You can get creative ideas from here and implement those in your teaching. The classes will be definitely interesting and attractive for students. Students and teachers can access this from their desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablets.


Educreations is a great application for online teachers. You can create and share multimedia lessons for your students. You can also view and use lessons designed by other teachers. There is scope for teaching all subjects. Class presentations can also be used here. There is good scope for assessments. Students can analyze their written work. All you need is to understand the functions of the app and explain them to your students.


Slack is loved by all globally. It can also be used as a team messaging tool. You can create a slack channel so that your students can get in touch with you. There is good scope for group projects. As a teacher, you can create a poll to get feedback from students. This is a free app, but you can upgrade your app by subscription.


The Remind app is a good choice for reminding your students about due assignments. This is a great virtual space for group discussions. You can also reach out to students individually if you want. It can be used as a follow-up or special care tool for students.

Therefore, from these applications, we can conceive that the world of technology has many things to offer for our advancement. All we need to do is to make use of these applications positively to ensure the best education. Teachers can use any of these applications to experience better online teaching sessions.

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