Survival Tips For New Nurses Who Are Pursuing Nursing Courses From The Best Nursing College

Survival Tips For New Nurses Who Are Pursuing Nursing Courses From The Best Nursing College

Hey, dear students. Hope all of you are doing really well. I think students who were interested in pursuing nursing courses in India and abroad have got their queries solved. So, this year too, many students are going to enroll themselves in nursing college. In this context, I would like to say that though nursing is a noble profession and it is very much desirable a course, the life of a nursing student can be challenging as well. It is better to proceed after knowing everything associated with the course. The new nurses or the students even at the best institutes can find the student life quite challenging. Nursing training comes with a lot of practical experience. This can be really hectic. All the aspects of nursing schools require you to have a brave heart. You have to be able to accept challenges, work hard and adapt to different settings. So, in this article, we will offer you some effective tips to survive the nursing college.


The nursing course includes learning about complex biological and physiological processes. You have to understand those well. You will also have to demonstrate your understanding well in the exams and practice sessions. So you can understand the gravity of the situation. It is not an easy thing which you can just read about and memorize during a one night before exam study. Right? You have to be constantly mindful and attentive in all the practical and theory classes. If you don’t know the application of the knowledge, it will be of no use. Because the nursing profession is all about real-life application. So, you can up with all these if you know your learning style. There is no right way to learn. You have to find which works best for you. If you face any problem in your studies, or you face difficulties understanding any process, you should directly discuss this with your professors. If you don’t come up with your concerns, they won’t be able to understand your learning issues. To avoid misconceptions and lack of clarity in understanding,  you should always be open about your issues.

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We know that life as a student life is hectic and cumbersome sometimes. So, if you don’t feel interested or energetic you can switch to group study. Group study is a good way to study collectively. If you study with your friends, it will increase your interest. Even if you are not in the mood of studying, seeing your friends study, you will feel like studying a little. Anyways, group study always gives you the scope of learning with others. If anyone faces any problem or cannot understand a thing, others can help him or her. It is different when you study alone. You don’t have always the chance to ask for help from others. Again, staying alone in hostels can also be boring and lethargic. Studying with friends is always fun and it is beneficial too. After a tough day of consecutive classes, if you go for group study, you will feel refreshed at least. It will charge you up to study.


Besides studying, you also need to care for yourself. Don’t burden yourself with massive expectations. You definitely need to study well and work hard. But, this must not take a toll on you. Find out a time to pamper and care for yourself. You need a break from studies as well. Studying hard doesn’t mean studying all the time. Your brain needs to chill out too. Do whatever you like in that free time. Give your mind some rest. Listen to music or go for meditation. It will increase your concentration and mindfulness. Enjoy your “ me time”.


You need to find out your own learning style, as I’ve said earlier. But, scheduling a study routine is a good idea too. You can follow a specific study pattern for a week or before your exams. Systematically study always works out well. Give equal importance to all topics and chapters. Before your exams, you need to give extra attention to the sections in which you are weak. Plan your study routine for a week or 3 – 5 days. Stick to it carefully. You can also take help from your seniors or teachers while fixing a routine. But, if you fix your own routine, it will be best for you. You can understand your needs best, right?

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Each nursing school requires students to complete certain clinical hours. These hours are usually hectic, busy, and tiresome. But, you should not miss those hours at any cost. If you are sick and have to take a leave, then you will have to make up those hours at the end of the semester. The extra hours that you have to make up at the end of the year or semester will be stressful. So, try to be punctual and do not miss classes and clinical hours.

So these tips will help you succeed in your student life. The new nurses can face difficulties at the beginning of the courses. But, following these effective tips will help you overcome these challenges. You will be able to survive in the best nursing colleges as new nurses. Let us know if this article seemed helpful.

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