Lived Experiences Of Graduating Nursing Students

Lived Experiences Of Graduating Nursing Students

Nursing is an interesting career, right? Everyone knows about the challenges and interesting experiences of nursing student life. The people who are into Nursing, everyday face new challenges and new experiences. They step into the career knowing the threats and challenges. Nursing is indeed a tough profession. The experiences that nurses have to gather in their student life and professional life are vivid and diverse. Both negative and positive experiences embrace their ways.  The experiences that the doctors face whilst studying in medical colleges are filled with excitement and fear. The same thing goes for nursing students. The young students are exposed to critical patients, ailing children, for the first time. All of these seem chilling and uneasy to them for the first time. In the article, we will have a look at the lives of nursing graduate students. We will sneak into the lived experiences of the young nurses.


The nursing course introduces the students to various clinical subjects such as  Pathology, microbiology, obstetrics, etc. All these subjects are new to the students. All of these subjects are complex and require equal attention. To manage all the subjects and provide equal attention to each of them is not an easy task. They have to pay attention to all the theory and practical subjects, and classes. The freshers find it really difficult to manage all the subjects on their own. Besides, they don’t get much time to study after a long practice session in the nursing college. They cannot go to private tutors to seek assistance. Because they have to stay in Nursing colleges. They have to only depend on the classes and lectures that they have attended in the college. So, it is often seen that freshers always worry about their studies.


The most challenging aspect of nursing student life is – the long clinical hours. The nursing students have to be present in the clinical sessions regularly. After the theory classes, they have to attend the long clinical duty. The clinical hours cannot be ignored at any cost. If the students miss any clinical session they have to make it up before the closing of the semester. Suppose if a student is sick and cannot attend the clinical hours, she has to pay extra hours before the closing of the semester to complete the allotted clinical hours. These clinical hours expose them to theMost challenging situations.  In the practical classes, they face real-life encounters with patients and their families.


Many of us try to avoid grim realities. But, a nurse can’t. In hospitals, they have to visit all kinds of patients. Suppose you encounter a patient who is burnt. Sounds horrible, right? So, imagine the sight itself. The nurses have to encounter all kinds of critical patients. They have to prepare beds, feed them, apply injections, and give medicines to all kinds of patients. Nurses have to be present at the operation theatres. So, witnessing a surgery is not a wonderful experience. Imagine the young nurses witnessing and assisting all these. You can feel the rest. All these intense situations affect their mind. But, still, they have to stand strong. The nurses console the depressed, horrified patients and their families. So, being a nurse is not just a matter of choice. It also takes a toll on the freshers.


 In most cases, the students and the professors do not share clear communication.  of communication between the teachers and students can not satisfy the students. Sometimes the students are not at ease in communicating with the faculty members. but sometimes it is just the opposite. The faculty sometimes is not friendly enough to the students. Students do not always feel free to get in touch with the faculty to resolve their doubts. You will always hear that the professions of nursing colleges are strict and highly reserved. However, this is not true. In most cases, the students and the educators both feel uneasy to communicate.   

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Perhaps, the greatest fear of the new nurses or nursing students is the fear of applying the wrong drugs. This can be dangerous. So, the students are always panicking about this. Practically, for novices, it is quite natural to make mistakes. But, in the clinical sector, this can lead to hazards. But, being cautious is always safe.

So, how does it feel? Reading about these experiences? Chilling right? Such is the life of a nurse. The lived experiences of graduating students or fresher nurses are diverse and overwhelming at times.

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