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Hello friends. From the title itself, you already know that today the topic is going to be a serious one. Yes. But, though the topic is serious enough, we will try to address it in an easy-going manner. We must know how the topic  CEREBRAL HACKS is related to our daily life and how can we relate to this. Firstly, the word “cerebral” refers to logic and the brain. So, this topic is related to neuroscience actually. Neuroscience is the study of brain patterns. But, again, I would like to assure you that in this article we will look into the topic closely but in a comprehensive way. It is actually a quite comprehensive topic.

So, cerebral hacking or brain hacking is a way to impact the mental state, logical processes of a person. It is an approach for the personal, logical, and rational development of an individual. See, though we have different mindsets and different thought processes, still we have something in common. The human brains have been evolved that way. These hacks work for all. Because structurally and functionally, our brains are the same.

Now, why is brain hacking emphasized in education? You probably know the answer. However, education is to be gained and possessed by our brain. The greater the knowledge you can acquire, the greater the person you can be. At least, our society thinks that way, right? So, when we have to acquire good learning then we need to have good receptivity right? Knowledge cannot be absorbed. It is to be learnt and memorized by your brain only. Your mind is the receptive house of knowledge. So, now we will see what these HACKS are and can they be utilized in education.

HACKS are conditioning your brain and thought process to increase your receptivity and rationality. So let’s move to the HACKS.

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In easy words, whenever we come across any information, we tend to remember the very first and the last thing mentioned. Can you relate? I hope you can. It is always not possible for us to remember a long piece of information at once. We usually memorize the first and the last thing.  However, when we make notes on our own or as a teacher you provide noted to students, you need to focus on this factor. The valuable information should be present at the beginning and the end. Because our brain functions this way, dear reader. This primary and recency effect needs proper attention to improve learning.


We all know that our brains like to think over easy things. Suppose there is a paragraph pregnant with valuable information written in a complicated manner. So what will happen? Your brain will become reluctant to receive such knowledge. But, if it was written in a fluid manner, you could have memorized it easily. Another important thing to note is we need not burden our brain with a bunch of info within a short time. Try to memorize a limited amount of info at once.


The use of visual aids is a great technique to condition your brain. Our brain catches the visual things first. If you see an interesting picture or diagram or a slide related to a topic, you will definitely remember that for a long time. Similarly, coloured and an image containing textbooks attract students more than the black and white old fashioned books do. I hope you all can relate. That’s why toddlers are given playful and colourful books and materials. It impacts the mind more.


As I have said before, you should not burden yourself with tons of information. When you study at home, you can take short breaks. In your break time, try to do something fruitful. You can listen to music or play some puzzle games or simply rest. Stopping the thought process also makes room for more learning. When we study or practise things for a long time, we feel exhausted mentally. So it is necessary to take short breaks between study sessions.


Learning things that are relevant to our experiences helps us make connections between the topic and our real experiences. The topics and books should be designed in such a way that easily helps students relate to their own experiences. We love to make connections between things. And this is a useful factor to use in learning or teaching. Another hack is for teachers. They can use real-life examples to help the learners understand better. It wipes out the superficiality of knowledge and makes knowledge closer to life.


After all, without exercising you cannot become sharp enough. The brain is like a dagger. It needs to be sharpened so that it can easily cater through or penetrates into things. Exercise makes you potent enough for this. Exercise practice sections. Whatever you read or learn, check your knowledge through exercises. Solve questions, doubts to understand yourself better. If you be able to find out how much you have learnt or memorized. I hope this makes sense.


Besides, brain exercises, you need to do physical activities, especially before an exam. Exercise increases oxygen flow in your brain. Exercising also release endorphins which will, in turn, boost up your mood and you will feel energetic.

Following these CEREBRAL HACKS will significantly change your brain functions for the better. It will boost up your learning capabilities. Whether you are a teacher or a student, you all need to use these hacks for the betterment of the learning process. Brain hacks are scientifically proven techniques to improve learning and memorizing skills.

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