Hello, teachers or would-be teachers! Today we are going to help you out with important pieces of information about teaching sites. We are living in a digital world. For a few years, the popularity of online teaching has been on the rise. Right? Students find it interesting and less difficult to join online classes. And teachers like you nowadays are more interested in conducting online classes than traditional offline classes. Teachers and students both are enjoying the overwhelming experience of online teaching from the comfort of their homes. Today we will talk about some top-rated free websites for online teaching for teachers.

If you are a teacher and looking forward to joining an online teaching platform, this article will surely help you. You must be thinking of a bundle of various websites available on the internet. But are not sure which one is the best for you. So, stay tuned to know about the best online teaching websites here.


Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that aims at spreading education to all. The platform is highly recommended for teachers and students as well. The teachers are given proper guidance and training and career growth opportunities are also high here. Teachers of Khan Academy have expressed their positive experiences online. So, this is one of the best online teaching websites in India.


You have definitely heard of Udemy. It has almost 2million students. Almost 13000 educators teach here. The teachers can use various tools like audios, video teaching, PPT, PDF files and so on. The teachers can offer courses for free also.

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#3. EasyClass

easy class is a teacher-friendly platform where you can make great use of online resources and tools. You can start your online classes here using these tools. You can access these tools and resources totally free of cost. Isn’t it great? Your online classes will become more and more engaging and enjoyable for the students. the easy class also offers a hassle-free learning experience to the students.


Smithsonian is a great learning partner where teachers and students both can find satisfaction. Teachers are allowed to design courses and distribute materials. The website makes distance learning easy and convenient for all.


Educators can use the online resources and tools for free to generate student curiosity. They can avail proper guidance on the website that can improve their skills. It is one of the best online teaching websites that offer a good teaching experience to educators. Different subjects and courses are taught here. So teachers from various backgrounds are welcome here.

#6. ReadWriteThink

The journey of ReadWriteThink began in 2002. Since then it has been a great teaching-learning experience over the internet. The site offers the best study materials, interactive tools, calendar resources, etc. There are hundreds of lesson plans.


Common Sense Media is a very professional platform for teachers to begin with. Educators are asked to attend webinars, workshops that can help them teach better online. Personalized training and grooming is also available for teachers. This site can help you with a great start in your career.

#8. TED-ED

TED-ED is a globally known online teaching platform where students and teachers can find the best teaching-learning environment. There are 650000 educators in TED-ED global network. Educators can freely access online resources to better the learning experience for students all over the world.


Thinkific is a mostly free online teaching platform that allows you to teach easily to a variety of students. You can create and provide learning materials. The tools you have to use while teaching is user-friendly. You can use your own teaching methods here.


It is also a free online teaching website. Teachers are allowed to design lesson plans and study materials according to their goals. Teachers have to create audio files, videos, PDF files, PPTs, etc to make the learning experience better.

Therefore, the websites mentioned above are considered the top-rated online teaching platforms. These are highly beneficial for teachers who are looking forward to teach online. Apart from this, these sites are highly popular among students and their parents. You can look for joining one of these sites to kick start your teaching career.

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